• Employee engagement in energy efficiency

    The Amphrio a1 Water Meter

    Encouraged by the results of the earlier ewz-Amphiro-study, this randomized controlled trial evaluates the effects of and mechanisms behind different feedback interventions that target water and energy consumption. This project is in collaboration with Mobiliar Insurance.

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  • Carbon offsetting and energy conservation

    carbon_offset_project (Custom)

    We investigate the option to mitigate the impact of a purchase or behavior in voluntary offsetting schemes in collaboration with the Dutch utility company PWN.

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  • Electric vehicle charging facilities


    The objective of this project is to develop approaches for charging infrastructure planning and optimization based on raw GPS data from conventional cars.

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  • Decentralized energy production


    We analyse the techno-economic feasibility of photovoltaic-battery systems for residential appilcations using large smart-meter datasets.

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  • Potential of electric mobility


    We develop data-mining approaches for accurate prediction of the electric vehicle driving range and grid impact based on vehicle sensor data.

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  • Smart meter data analytics for mass market energy services


    The goal of the project is to develop methods of machine learning that will automatically infer energy efficiency relevant household characteristics from the power load traces.

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  • Data analytics for customer segmentation and engagement

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    The derived information serves utility companies as a basis for targeted efficiency interventions and confidence building dialog with customers by intelligent linking of customer data.

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  • Smart meter data analytics for scalable efficiency services

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    The key objective of this project is to develop further and evaluate feature extraction and machine learning techniques for automatic identification of household properties based on electricity load profiles.

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  • Water conservation in Singapore


    Together with colleagues at the National University of Singapore (Department of Real Estate) and Singapore’s Public Utilities Board , we have developed and are conducting a field experiment to assess the effectiveness of technology-based water conservation strategies in a field trial in Singapore.

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    The DAIAD project constitutes an innovative approach for addressing the challenge of efficient water management through real-time knowledge of residential water consumption, bringing together leading members of the water and ICT domain.

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  • Sense4En

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    Learning from experience of private energy consumers, we implement incentive strategies and robust IT-enabled services rooted in behavioural sciences while focusing on Room Heating and Showering.

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  • Second-order effects of environmental campaigns


    This paper investigates whether positive or perverse side effects dominate by exemplifying the impact of a water conservation campaign on electricity consumption.

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  • Energy demand management using real-time feedback (with ewz)


    In this completed project, we provided real-time feedback to individuals on their energy and water use in the shower. We had been able to win the utility company ewz as corporate partner in this project and our research activities in this project were funded by a grant by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy.

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  • Long-term effects of real-time feedback


    Goal of this completed project was to investigate whether the large savings effects induced by behavior-specific real-time feedback also persist in the long run.

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  • Social Interactive Energy Consumption Feedback


    We developed an energy efficiency website called Oscar to provide the company’s customers with feedback on their electricity consumption.

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  • Non-intrusive load monitoring


    We investigate commercially attractive compromise between the computational power needed and recognition accuracy achieved for disaggregating consumption data in order to identify individual devices or groups of devices.

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  • Smart Meter Impact Assessment Switzerland


    We conduct a cost-benefit analysis of a nationwide smart meter rollout for the Swiss Federal Office of Energy.

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  • eMeter


    eMeter is a platform to develop, test, and put powerful energy feedback concepts into practice.

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  • Velix


    Velix is a website that provides users with individual feedback about their energy consumption and supports them by providing energy-saving tips.

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  • Goal setting & defaults

    Goal setting

    We investigate to what extent goal setting and defaults can help to improve the effectiveness of energy efficiency campaigns.

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  • Innovative services with smart meters


    In collaboration with utility companies in Switzerland, this project explores the potential of smart meters to enable novel services and applications for end customers.

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