Long-term effects of real-time feedback

Research questions:  Persistence of the energy and water savings induced by real-time feedback


Partners: TU Berlin, Vattenfall


Principal investigator: Vojkan Tasic


Core team: Verena Tiefenbeck, Samuel Schoeb, Thorsten Staake


Data collected: Measurement data from smart meter showers over 12(+2) months, 50 households


Budget:  CHF 230’000


Timeframe: Dec 2012 – Apr 2014













Goal of this completed project was to investigate whether the large savings effects induced by behavior-specific real-time feedback also persist in the long run. For that purpose, 12-month datasets from 50 households who had originally also participated in the two-month study with ewz were collected, resulting in a new dataset of 17’612 showers. The representativeness of that subgroup for the initial pool of households was assessed on 51 variables and measurement data were controlled for seasonal effects. The findings indicate a stable reduction in energy consumption of 22% and an 18% conservation effect for water use over the course of the 12- month study.