Smart meter data analytics for scalable efficiency services

Partners: Chair of Energy Efficient Systems, Department of Information Systems, University of BambergChair of Information Management, Department of Management, Technology, and Economy, ETH ZurichDepartment of Computer Science, Institute for Pervasive Computing, ETH ZurichArbon Energie AG


Funded by: Swiss Federal Office of Energy


Principal investigator: Mariya Sodenkamp


Budget: CHF 353’450


Timeframe: Apr 2014 – Jan 2016




Smart electricity meters allow for capturing consumption data of individual households at a high resolution in time (typically at 15-minute intervals). The key objective of this project is to develop further and evaluate feature extraction and machine learning techniques for automatic identification of household properties based on electricity load profiles and additional consumption-related information (weather, socio-demographic data, holidays, etc.). The gained information shall render highly targeted and scalable energy efficiency services possible.