Innovative services with smart meters


Partners: Energie Thun AG, IBArau


Principal investigator: Christian Beckel


Timeframe: Jan 2012 – Jan 2014


Research question: Is it possible to provide personalized energy-efficiency services at large scale through the use of smart meter data analytics?








The ongoing paradigm shift in the energy sectors drives the installation of smart meters in millions of private household worldwide. Smart meters can measure electricity consumption data at a fine-grained temporal scale. Processing this data can reveal valuable context information, which forms the basis for novel services and applications. For example, household inhabitants can be provided with detailed information about the standby consumption of their household. Alternatively, providing recommendations such as when to use electricity throughout a day can help consuming energy more efficiently. These services enable integration of more and more renewable energy sources and thus pave the way towards a smart grid.

This project aims at exploring potential uses of smart meter data. Employing methods from machine learning and data mining it investigates which services can be offered to end customers – also addressing privacy constraints of such sensitive information. Throughout the project, the team performs real world deployments with two utility companies in Switzerland for data collection and evaluates our algorithms in a real world setting.

This project is funded by industry partners (Energie Thun, IBAarau) and kindly supported by Landis+Gyr.