The Canadian program “Tools of Change” has designated our study with ewz as “Landmark (best practice) case study” (Nov. 2016)

ETH Zurich’s Shower Feedback Pilot Receives International Distinction

ETH Zurich’s Shower Feedback Pilot has just received an international distinction – designation as a “Landmark” (best practice) case study through Tools of Change’s peer review process. The peer review panel found that the approach used in the pilot was a highly replicable and innovative one that yields impressive results (a 22% savings in water and energy use compared to a control group).

This year’s panelists included a member from an on-the-ground program as well as from some of North America’s most proactive consulting, NGO, and government organizations supporting energy conservation professionals. They include Arien Korteland from BC Hydro, Doug McKenzie-Mohr of McKenzie-Mohr Associates, Brian Smith from the Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Marsha Walton from the New York State Energy, Research and Development Authority and Dan York of ACEEE.

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