The Bits to Energy Lab, a joint research initiative of ETH Zurich, the University of Bamberg, and University of St. Gallen, combines information technology and behavioral sciences to promote sustainable energy consumption.


Our research focuses on consumption feedback, customer engagement, and data analytics with an emphasis on economically attractive deployment and the ambition to significantly contribute to international research.


The Bits to Energy Lab is a joint research initiative of the ETH Zurich (Chair of Information Management, D-MTEC, Distributed Systems Group D-INFK), the University of Bamberg (Chair of Energy Efficient Systems), and the University of St. Gallen (Institute of Technology Management).

Exemplary fields of work include:



  • Long-term studies on energy saving and customer engagement campaigns with over 4000 participants (research on social norms and social comparisons)
  • The development and testing of mobile energy feedback devices for smart grid infrastructures (data analytics and load recognition)